About Us

Just Music LLC is a company that is filling a market for music over the Internet and as such is not a brick-and-mortar music store. The music available to customers from the company's online web store will be both CDs and music downloads as either MP3 or .wav files. Using the current technology of burnable CDs, Just Music manufactures the CDs, under license, as the order comes into the store. The source of the music that will be in the store will be music that is otherwise hard to find anywhere else. The website that will be set up for each genre of music will consist of a player that will be playing the music as if it was a radio station. The player displays an image of the album or CD cover while the song is playing. That image will be a link to the online store. This link goes specifically to the page for that album or CD. It is at this time that the visitor to the site will be able to purchase either the CD or a download of music (if license for downloads are granted).

Currently Just Music, LLC has ownership of about 35 domain names. Each domain name is based on a specific genre of music, such as justbeautifulmusic.com (which is up and running the beautiful music format popular on FM radio in the 60s and 70s), justeasylistening.com, justcoolcountry.com, etc.

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